Omar - Self Care (Freestyle)

Take a quick second to stream “Self Care (Freestyle)” by Omar on Artist Sounds. Omar is a rising sensation within the indie Hip-Hop community right now. He recently released a new single via SoundCloud entitled “Self Care (Freestyle) and I must say this song is a true vibe. Humble as ever, Omar just like any other artist, has aspirations of using his gift and passion to take care of the people around him. But what good is taking care of the people around you if you can’t take care of yourself. Life can be a lot for your average everyday person that works a 9 to 5 with guaranteed income and food in their fridge. Can you imagine the pressure of being a struggling artist who has to live with the uncertainty of whether their goal was real or just a dream? Omar stresses this idea heavily throughout “Self Care (Remix) , exposing his truths and vulnerabilities to the masses. Follow Omar on SoundCloud to check out more jams from the emcee! Stream “Self Care (Freestyle)” by Omar now on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonehiphop