Omarcusgo - Dead Honesty


Take a listen to “Dead Honesty” by Omarcusgo on Artist Sounds. Released just 7 days ago at the time of this post, “Dead Honesty” serves as Omarcusgo’s most recent release to date. Finding love is already hard to do! Now, we have to struggle with finding someone who is loyal and honest which can become difficult. Being lied to and let down all of his life he learned to just not trust and continue his journey alone. In his music he speaks for those who struggle to handle depression and finding love. He tends to stray down dark paths and he believes the world as a whole is against him. However, as long as he has people who truly believe in him and his abilities, he will be fine with where he’s at, he says. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Omarcusgo; he clearly just keeps getting better and his intellect continues to grow as he pursues his dream.