Papi Lomein - Lomein Freestyle


Stop what you're doing and check out this new record from Hip Hop recording artist Papi LoMein titled 'LoMein Freestyle', on Artist Sounds. Hailing out of the DMV, Papi LoMein shows us what he's got on his latest freestyle effort. While being consistently compared to artist like Kendrick and Cole, Papi LoMein is very keen on his lyricism and delivery and is always finding ways to switch up his flow. According to the artist, "I grew up on shit like Ice Cube & 50 Cent. A lot of Tupac and Biggie. Those were my fathers favorites. I just like to show people I can make words rhyme. So the bars are an important aspect of my craft. I get a lot of inspiration". This was our first time being exposed to music from Papi LoMein and for this to be just a freestyle is incredible. Hopefully he will put together a full length project or mixtape with more songs he snaps on like this. He's got a lot of potential. Connect with Papi LoMein on social media.

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