Piffboyz Ziggy - I'm Only Human (Official Music Video)

Take a look at the official video for “I’m Only Human” by PiffBoyz Ziggy on Artist Sounds. PiffBoyz Ziggy is an emerging Hip-Hop artist that has been on a mission in 2019 to put his name and brand on the map. He recently hopped on YouTube to drop the official video for his song entitled “I’m Only Human”. Choosing this time to pay homage to the late XXX TENTACION, Ziggy uses this record to put his flaws and sins on front street. It’s no mystery that Ziggy is a product of the urban struggle and has spent the majority of his years grinding and hustling to provide a better situation for himself and his family. Regardless of the pure intent, sometimes your environment and the people around you can influence you to do something you know may not be the best for you —which leads to us doing something we either regret or know we shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Ziggy understands this and is willing to tell his story, the whole story, and most importantly the true story of his come up and shortcomings in order to inspire listeners everywhere. Subscribe to PiffBoyz Ziggy page on YouTube if you want to hear more jams for the rising superstar. Watch the official video for “I’m Only Human” by Piffboyz Ziggy on Artist Sounds.