Pilgrims' Dream - Ocean

pilgrims dream

Give a listen to Ocean by Pilgrims' Dream on Artist Sounds! Pilgrims' Dream is an alt-rock group from London, United Kingdom. The brainchild of singer/songwriter Rob Ouseley, Pilgrims' Dream takes inspiration from groups such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes to create fresh, unique music. Ouseley brings his experience as a musician and performer, as well as his writing and producing expertise, to Pilgrims' Dream, and his work with the group has reached the finals of both the Hollywood Songwriting Contest and the American Songwriting Awards. The group's new track, Ocean, was originally conceived as a purely acoustic song, but as instruments were added it took on a life of its own and became the multi-vocal layered single it is today. Described as 'emotionally rich' with an 'ebullient and mesmerising sound', Ocean boasts complex lyrics with deep meaning. Check out Ocean on SoundCloud today!