Riggz Two Nice - Murderer

riggz two nice

Check out Murderer by Riggz Two Nice on Artist Sounds! Riggz Two Nice is an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. This incredibly diverse artist boasts a unique sound that blends hiphop and rnb with his gospel music roots, painting pictures of love, heartache, coming of age, and above all, swagger. RIggz is a rapper, singer, and producer, and dropped his first mixtape while he was still in college. HIs latest single, Murderer, is a booming self-produced track that blends Riggz's Jamaican roots with his love for hard-hitting trap music. While the track does cater to mainstream audiences, listeners who pay closer attention will be pleasantly surprised by the complexity and depth of the song's message. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Riggz Two Nice's work.

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