Robakathesaint dropped a 'Parody' male version to 'TWERK'

A talented studio engineer and producer based in Louisville, Kentucky (who has performed services for mainstream artists such as Bryson Tiller and Boosie to name a few) shares a parody male version of the widely popular new record from City Girls and Cardi B., titled ‘Twerk’. His intentions you might ask? To prove to artists they already have the tools they need to be successful (they really just need to make smart moves on how to utilize those tools) be patient and trust the process. People who are familiar with ‘Robakathesaint’ will tell you he is one of the most talented studio engineers they have ever worked with and he can turn their visions in to a reality. He takes pride in connecting people to the right resources and people trust his judgement.

However he noticed that many artists he has worked with (and ones that he even really believes in) have struggled in this new landscape when it comes to pushing their music. They have a great product but it tends to fall short on deaf ears or doesn’t get the reach it deserves. This parody to the song ‘Twerk’ by City Girls & Cardi B. does two things for Robakathesaint. First off don't even trip because this is a Parody for one, I just wanna make ya'll laugh for two and for three a song like City Girls - Twerk ft. Cardi B needed a male version. More than that it gives him an opportunity to see the other side. The side many artists aren’t sure how to maneuver. Which is how can I increase my chances of discovery? What can I do to get my music out there?

Robakathesaint might not have all the answers right now but he is destined and determined to learn. He wants to share knowledge and be more than just the person who turns your sounds into polished and radio-ready records. He wants to help more people make it to the next level in his city and he won’t stop until he does. The song could be the first of many… or it could be the first and last, but one thing is for sure - he will continue to push himself to be the best studio engineer in the nation and with many accolades under his belt (he will become more than that). You can follow his mission on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.