Rowe Rowe - Hold Me Down

Rowe Rowe

Listen to Hold Me Down by Rowe Rowe on Artist Sounds. He's hailing out of Los Angeles, California where he is making big waves with his new song "Hold Me Down" on Soundcloud. Rowe Rowe teams up with musician Mickey Shiloh on his new song "Hold Me Down" now playing through your speakers. Production credits go to producer (Waymond Mckissick). Musician Rowe Rowe has a rapidly expanding fan base and a voice that has been likened to pioneers of rap, such as Jay Z, Rowe Rowe is a artist on the up and up. His followers can be counted in their tens of thousands and, with an ever-expanding presence on the musical stage, they are growing by the day. Connect with Rowe Rowe on Twitter to see his latest tweets. 

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