Sabathil - Alpha Centari


Stop what you’re doing and stream the album “Alpha Centari”, by Sabathil on Artist Sounds. Sabathil shares a short 6 track album release on major streaming platforms worth that second listen. From beginning to end Sabathil does a great job of mixing both catchy and radio worthy productions with heavy lyrically-laden ones that give you a deeper look inside the mind of the artist. This was our first time listening to any music by Sabathil and we must say he is one of the more talented slept on artists we have come across. We expect him to flourish and do great things in the underground Hip Hop community now and in the future. His sound and lyrical tenacity is what will draw you in. The heavy-bass productions will put you in the perfect mood for turning up and letting the bass blare. Don’t sleep on this album or this artist. You can stream the entire project right now on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and every other major digital streaming outlet.

Braxton Harshawhiphop