SaintLo - Grown

Stream “Grown” by SaintLo on Artist Sounds. SaintLo has been one of the most promising up and coming R&B artists to grace our timeline in a while. It’s not often you have an independent artist come on the scene and immediately be effective with his branding and marketing strategies, to the extent that he’s already been able to garner a substantial fan base that virtually promotes for him. His new single, “Grown” released on Spotify recently and has been receiving a lot of positive feedback as far as engagement goes from his followers on Twitter and Instagram. SaintLo has been able to incorporate creative ways to keep his music placed freshly in front of his supporters and with the added consistency he has been able to keep them clinging on to his every move. His vibe and vocal tone have always made him very appealing to the ladies apparently, as the majority of his fan base seem to be females who all appreciate the brand of music he promotes. SaintLo is a soulful artist with a voice that’s warm and can fill any room with soul, any time, no auto-tune needed….simply pure talent. Follow SaintLo on Spotify to hear more tunes from the aspiring R&B artist more widely recognized as SaintLo. Stream “Grown” by SaintLo now on Artist Sounds.

Braxton Harshawrnb/soul