Sasha Prendes tops our charts with "BROOKLYN"


Stop what you’re doing and listen the song ‘BROOKLYN’ by Sasha Prendes on Artist Sounds. "Brooklyn" is a timeless classic about a musician moving from Kansas to be inspired by the streets of Brooklyn NY. Of course all the boy troubles that come along with it. This will be a classic sing along song. Both the producer and engineers have several Grammys under their belt. Creating music is what keeps Sasha going. She is excited by the creative process and loves that every day within this journey brings something new and different to the table. There has not been a day within this journey when she has not been excited to wake up and tackle the challenges of the day. Putting in constant work in the studio, and with new opportunities always arising, she is excited to begin engaging more and more with her listeners and fans and to see how her music has impacted their lives. Working hard to reach larger audiences and bring the positivity and empowerment of her work into their lives, Sasha Prendes’ music has currently been featured on Spotify, and can also be found on iHeartRadio, and Apple Music. To follow along with all that she is working on, she can be found on Instagram under the handle @sashaprendes, as well as on YouTube Facebook and Twitter.