SBG VonDon drops a new hit called "Warna Brutha"

SBG VonDon is back with a brand new hit called “Warna Brutha” on Artist Sounds. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, you have seen the name SBG VonDon on our music blog if your a fan of our music blog and worship the Hip Hop category. VonDon has been in a very long "Experimental Phase" with his music and sound. Ranging from R&B to Melodic Southern Trap. SBG takes pride in his music, but not to much to where he believe he can't make a mistake. SBGVD strives to make his music a staple and great example to all the other artist like him, who come from small and broken places. VonDon currently resides in Fort Wayne, IN where culture and talent goes to die. Being nicknamed "Zombie Land" or "Slummland", Fort Wayne is a place VonDon and many other artist try to keep alive through music and mantain the little culture they have to share. The song “Warna Brutha” serves as a great song to further push that mission as it references his hometown and the streets. This song is really good and reeks of potential. Don’t sleep on this — help this go number one. Share and Like this post! You can find more music by SBG VonDon anywhere music is sold.