Scotty-D - Cold (Remix) (Video)

Watch the video for Cold (Remix) by Scotty-D on Artist Sounds! Scotty-D is an artist based in New Jersey. The 27-year-old producer has been DJ-ing for the past 8 years and recently found his niche producing remixes, mashups, and edits that fit a new play style. He grew up around his older brother's extensive music collection, and that has translated into new music that fits current trends while reviving classic hits. His latest music video is a remix of Maroon 5's track Cold. Scotty kept the downtempo vibe of the original, but added some triplet hats and luscious chords to give the song a new swing, and the new version is already making its way onto summer playlists across the country. Check out Cold (Remix) on YouTube today!