Seven30 - Me, Myself & My Trigger


Take a listen to Me Myself & My Trigger by Seven30 on Artist Sounds. Seven30 is an up and coming artist based in Queens, NY who has been using music as a way to escape the daily trials and tribulations of being diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. The song "Me, Myself and My Trigger" is an ode to the notion that you really can't trust nobody, so really "you" is all you got. From the first listen, you can easily tell that your listening to an artist that knows what he's doing. His music has a polished sound to it and its completely original. That's actually one of the best parts about Seven30 is that he has a unique sound and uses it to make the type of music other artists are either unable or scared to make. Don't sleep on Seven30 or his new song "Me, Myself and My Trigger". You can stream more music from Seven30 by connecting with him on SoundCloud.

Tiana Malonehiphop, rap