Shanika Ezell - Sniper

Stop what you’re doing and check out the song called “Sniper” by Shanika Ezell on Artist Sounds. Shanika Ezell is a young, talented Hip Hop recording artist on the rise out of Rialto, CA. Poetry and reading was a huge thing for her growing up. But instead of keeping with reading books she became more interested in lyricism and wordplay. A huge fan of MUSIC she tends to dibble and dabble in multiple genres. Personally she says "if I had to label myself it would be more or so neo-soul/pop genre. But if i have a beat. Yes a BEAT. Anywhere from hip hop, rock, screamo, country, emoo, jazz.. etc! I can ghostwrite as well. Ghostwriting helps me be more open to more genres". Back in 2014 she had peaked into music with a few friends as well as a few covers to see if this was something she really wanted to do. Fading in and out from 2014 to 2016 she admits to losing focus from seeing that its really about who you know and not what you know. Either that or being rich already and money wasn't something Shanika really had at the time. But being patient is definitely one thing she says she learned over time as well as having faith. So from 2017 until now she was beyond blessed with a wonderful career and the blessing helps her with being able to invest in herself and making her own music. Stream more music from Shanika Ezell right now on SoundCloud.

Tiana Malonetrap