Sherloc Magico - POWER


Take a listen to POWER by Sherloc Magico on Artist Sounds. Sherloc Magico is a young, but experienced music producer and recording artist from Saint Louis, Missouri, who is branching out to a diverse mainstream hip hop audience. Recently, he has spent the last few months and the top of the year on hiatus collecting his thoughts and growing sonicly, but this is the first result of that break. He has also been featured on Juss Russ Radio before with his songs, miBad and She A Savage, featuring Astro Sounds. He is coming back with his new song, POWER, with a Chinese theme, featuring a lotus flower in the picture. The song itself conveys imagery of a girl Sherloc held close, lying to him about the place she is flying to, to go fly out to another man. He bounces back by flexing and singing strong words over the silky piano keys and 808's to form a great song for the beginning of Summertime. If you like what you hear go follow him on SoundCloud. 

Tiana Malonehiphop, rap, rnb/soul