Slopes - Slow Down


Check out Slow Down by Slopes on Artist Sounds! Slopes is an artist based in New York. His work can only be described as indie, hazy, rnb music, and he draws inspiration from a huge range of artists to create his own unique sound. Slopes has a knack for picking and choosing components of different music styles and seamlessly fusing them together, and his work exists in a gray area between genres that is intriguing as much as it is exciting. His latest track, Slow Down, is a collaboration with electronic producer Blank Body, and is an upbeat track reminiscent of Post Malone or The Weeknd. It boasts a sound that blends rnb, hiphop, trap, and indie rock, and is the first collaboration between Slopes and Blank Body. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Slopes' work.