STACKZ & CHECKO - I Cry, You Cry

stvckz x checko.JPG

Check out this new song by Stackz and Checko called 'I Cry, You Cry' on Artist Sounds. Hailing out of Palm Beach County, FL - the two artists show what they got as they slaughter this bass-heavy rap record. This was our first time being exposed to music from the two artists and we hope it isn't the last. The song is a fun take on an old saying made popular in the early 90's 'I Cry, You Cry'. If you enjoy cruising through the city with a trendy rap record to bop to, this song is right up your alley and truth be told you'll probably enjoy most if not all of Stackz and Checko's music. You can get familiar with new songs and records released on the official Joey Depp aka Stackz SoundCloud page by following him. Don't sleep on this record!

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