Sushi.b - 1639

Take a listen to 1639 by Sushi.b on Artist Sounds. Sushi.b is a multi-talented artist/producer looking to make a big name for himself and sound! Kenny Katleho Magampa, also known as Sushi.b, is a 19 year old fanatical artist and vigorous record producer based in Hyde Park, Sandton of Johannesburg. His art is driven by his intense aggressive emotions and reflection of his life as a kid that has suffered from an eye infection and abuse in all aspects Sushi.b started writing songs at the age of 12 in his homework diary after every school day. He suffered a lot from bullying at school and at home and found a way to fully express himself by rhyming words of his pain in his diary. This helped him lyrically and developed his deliverance and confidence from the deep depression he fell into as a kid. If you like what you hear, follow him on SoundCloud. 

Tiana Malonernb/soul