Sylva - Come Alive

Tap in to “Come Alive”, by Sylva on Artist Sounds. Emerging Pop artist more widely recognized as Sylva dropped a new album entitled “Come Alive” not too long ago on Spotify. This album is one of the most fulfilling and sonically cohesive projects I’ve heard all year, and I say that in regards to all genres of music! Sylva has always had a niche for her atmospheric vibes and angelic vocal tone, and the way she strings to together this album only further proves just how much of a musical genius she actually is. Her sounds always find way to connect with the hearts and minds of listeners which has allowed her to build a relationship that transcends who she is as an artist. People buy into Sylva simply for who she is, and the character she possesses as a human being. Her music only amplifies and reiterates the principles and themes that people have come to know and love her for. Follow Sylva on Spotify now if you want to a deeper look into her catalog and find out what all she has going on in 2019. Stream “Come Alive” by Sylva now on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonepop