Taylor Girlz tops our charts with new single "Hot Cakes"


Stop what you’re doing and listen to a new song called “Hot Cakes” by ‘Taylor Girlz’ on Artist Sounds. For those of you who have been living under a rock and aren’t quite familiar with ‘Taylor Girlz’ we will enlighten you. The ‘Taylor Girlz’ are a sassy and seductive female Rap Group that consists of two young and vibrant women.Sisters “Ti Taylor” and “Daysha Taylor” make up the rap group ‘Taylor Girlz’ and originally made their debut back in 2016. Having fun and sharing their favorite releases allowed them to build a buzz early on but it wasn’t until they combined their records with well thought out challenges that were designed to get their listeners involved. Coming up with popular challenges like the “Steal Her Man Challenge” and “Wedgie In My Booty Challenge”, the two sisters became an overnight sensation. This led to them growing their fan base to hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers virtually overnight. Taking advantage of the hype the ‘Taylor Girlz’ decided it was the perfect time to drop their EP “Who Are Those Girlz” which was well received. Today the ‘Taylor Girlz’ are back and their better (in my Bryson Tiller voice) with “Hot Cakes”. Take some time to get familiar with the sisters and hop on the train now because the ‘Taylor Girlz’ are next up!

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