Telly Orlando Lockhart Jr - I Heard

Take a listen to “I Heard” by Telly Orlando LockHart Jr. on Artist Sounds. Telly Orlando LockHart Jr. is an up and coming Hip-Hop rapper that has really done his thing and curated a nice fanbase through his use of popular platforms such as SoundCloud. He recently dropped off a new record entitled “I Heard” and boy is the young wordsmith in his zone. Basically responding the rumors and accusations that have been spread on his name, and he’s here to clear the air. He rumbles through this record with undaunting confidence and let’s people know that he’s here to stay in regards to the Rap game today. He uses his bars to tell his story and paint narratives that relate to the everyday man, giving a voice to the everyday man and woman. We need more artists like Telly Orlando LockHart Jr. , artists that stay authentic and can still sell records. He’s a package unlike we’ve ever seen or heard before and I really hope you all don’t sleep on this dude. Follow the up and coming Hip-Hop guru on SoundCloud now. Listen to “I Heard” by Telly Orlando LockHart Jr. now on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonehiphop