Tess Posner shares new song called "Supernova"

Stream “Supernova” by Tess Posner on Artist Sounds. Tess Posner is an up and coming recording artist that has been using popular streaming services such as SoundCloud to market her music and make her name known worldwide. Her new single “Supernova” is an ethereal soundscape that really shows off the dynamic range of Tess Posner. She shines bright on this song and really allows listeners to experience a more sensual side of her vibe which serves as a perfect time for her to cross over and garner new fans. Her sound is broad and easy on the ear which also makes it a no-brainer to put on some Tess Posner the next time you’re trying to rest your mind and find some eternal peace. With her angelic tone and uncanny songwriting ability, Tess Posner is on her way to being a household name in 2019 if she stays consistent. Follow Tess Posner on SoundCloud to hear more of her jams. Stream “Supernova” by Tess Posner on Artist Sounds.

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