The Black Lighters are back with "Long Time"

Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Long Time” by The Black Lighters on Artist Sounds. The Black Lighters are two true lovers of music. They wanted to make a slow and relaxing record that would set the tone. The crew made their first appearance on our music blog with a song called “Space Love” and between this one and that one we can’t put our finger on a favorite. Each song boasts a catchy melody that will make you want to throw it on repeat and not have a care in the world. After going off to space in the last record, ‘The Black Lighters’ decided to keep things grounded here on earth for the song “Long Time”. The song happens to be one of our personal favorite listens this week and we can’t wait to see where it ends up on our charts for its respective genre. You can vote for this song by simply ‘liking and sharing’ this post. Don’t sleep on the song or the artists! You can stream “Long Time” on Spotify, SoundCloud and everywhere music is streamed and sold.

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