The Black Lighters - Space Love


Stop what you’re doing and listen to the song “Space Love” by The Black Lighters on Artist Sounds. The Black Lighters gives us a spacey new Alternative Rap record that seems to break genre barriers. Mike Armstrong and Miguel Cardenas make up what is known as ‘The Black Lighters’ and each offer up their ideas for the collective in order to create something unique, fresh and most of all — original. In this modern age of music it is very difficult to find original. Everyone wants to be a replica for something they have already seen work. Their playing it safe. This is the opposite for ‘The Black Lighters’ who aren’t worried about what people think or even going with the typical norms. For them, making music is like a ripple in the water — it can go all directions. The song ‘Space Love’ asks a special someone to take a look into their heart. If that special someone were to choose someone like a Miguel or Mike they would truly feel the essence of an out of this world kind of love. Not a bad offer hunh ladies? Go take some time to get familiar with The Black Lighters and their catalog. You’ll find ‘Space Love’ and a whole lot more on all of the major music streaming platforms.