The Trill G - Night Rider

The Trill G

Listen and stream Night Rider by The Trill G on Artist Sounds. Trill G is a artist/producer currently residing in the United States and is looking to make a name for himself with his new single "Night Rider" that he shared on his Soundcloud. Trill G had teamed up with other talented artist by the name of "GasDaKid" and "Vo1d" on his single "Night Rider." Trill G is a very creative artist when it comes time for him to create and produce hip-hop music. He had gotten decent exposure from his EP "True Dreams" which was recently released about 2 months ago. Trill G has a website for all his fans that want to learn more about him, watch his latest videos and stream his latest songs. 

Artist Soundsrap, hiphop