The Wonderlust - Makes You Wonder

Take a listen to Makes You Wonder by The Wonderlust on Artist Sounds. The Wonderlust is a genre-bending electronic duo consisting of DJ/producer Mo Corleone and guitarist/graphic artist David Shakiban. Both performers have deep roots in the bay area of California, with Shak having performed countless shows as a jam guitarist and Mo showing up as a staple in the underground dance community as a DJ and event organizer for well over a decade. The Wonderlust is the product of two passionately creative spirits who refuse to stay between the lines. Highly textured, snappy downtempo meets improvisational electric guitar for an unlikely and wholly irresistible marriage of styles. The hybrid nature of the sound makes it difficult to categorize but mesmerizing to experience. The "Playground" EP follows a successful single called "I Said Maybe" that was self-released in February and has since been picked up by powerhouse label group Plusquam Records. If you like what you hear, follow The Wonderlust on SoundCloud. 

Tiana Maloneelectronic, edm