ThisNightAlone - Safe To Say

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Stop what you’re doing and check out this new song “Safe To Say” by ThisNightAlone. After making his debut on Artist Sounds with the song "Drippin", ThisNightAlone is back with his new record “Safe To Say”.   "Safe to Say" is a deep emotional heart felt track.  This song talks about the signs of knowing when a relationship has reached it's breaking point.  You get into an argument with your significant other, and afterwards everything seems like its back to normal. then you realize the feel of their touch isn't the same, and the tone of their voice is more like you're being talked at rather than talked to.  You think everything is fine. Then all of a sudden he/she starts having private conversations, going out all the time, and not showing you any love or attention. That's when its "Safe To Say" its over.  Click the link above and follow ThisNightAlone, and hear more music like "Safe To Say" on ThisNightAlone's official SoundCloud page.