Three Eyes - Is Everything Alright?

Come take a listen to “Is Everything Alright?” by Three Eyes on Artist Sounds. Producer Three Eyes shows exactly how unique and ever-changing music could be by producing this brand new track Is Everything Alright. This amazing track shows tremendous potential, with it's peaceful, non alarming style you could drift away to, and impressive bass. Three Eyes has done something on this track that many artists today would give anything to do, and that's make magic. This track will make a fan out of any non believer as soon you turn it on. But by the time it's over, you'll be more than just a mere fan. This song makes dark and light meet, and fantasy become reality. And everything from the rush of the claps and kicks, to the immediate thrill of the hearty bass drop will have you addicted to this song from start to finish. Be on the look out for this artist in the near future and take some time and check out Is Everything Alright by Three Eyes and many more hits on SoundCloud.

Vinny Hugheselectronic