Trell x Tahed - In My Bag (Produced by Tash)

trell x tahed.JPG

Stop what you're doing and check out this new song from Trell x Tahed called "In My Bag" on Artist Sounds. Trell x Tahed are two hip hop recording artist who are looking to make a way out of no way. They made their debut on to our platform some time ago with the songs "Don't Want It" and "My Type of Timing" which served as a great introduction to their sound. The song "In My Bag" is an up tempo rap record that shows off their ability to make trendy records perfect for in the club or for a quick turn up in the car ride from work or school. Trell x Tahed have a unique and original sound making for an enjoyably fresh listening experience each and everytime. You can stream new songs as they share them right now on SoundCloud.

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