Trillo $kywalker - STFUBIDGAF

Trillo Skywalker

Listen to STFUBIDGAF by Trillo $kywalker on Artist Sounds. Rapper Trillo $kywalker has this rap game in the palm of his hands and if he keeps on his current path, there will be labels everywhere salivating and fighting to sign him. His brand new hit, STFUBIDGAF almost never happened considering the fact that his closest friends encouraged him to release the track 'claiming it's one of his more recent chart-worthy singles'. The song is more like an ode to the type of people who spend their time 'gassing you up' and at times when you may need some criticism, they just never have it in them to be honest with you. Or maybe they are being honest, but how will you ever know. So Trillo $kywalker sticks to his guns on this one and blocks out all the noise. Stream this song and more right now by connecting with the artist on Soundcloud.

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