Truth Teller RIE - Real One (Music Video)

If you’re a “real one”, then come and watch the music video for Real One (B Love) by Truth Teller Rie on Artist Sounds. Hip hop artist Truth Teller Rie is looking to be a rap game great, and if he keeps making meaningful tracks, such as his impressive song Real One, he'll be on his way to going down in history books as a total game changer. Truth Teller Rie has an ear for what it takes to make deep, investing music. And with Real One, he lays all of his talents on the line. The song Real One is forming into a track that is a cultural necessity, so it is only fitting that a music video would eventually go along with it to create an image of what this song is about. Truly putting a huge investment into his abilities, the quality of the music video for this track is just as great as the song, and at times better than the song because it brings out the true artistic value of the song completely. Connect and steam more from this incredible artist on YouTube.

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