Tsunami Tommy - Flowing Solo (Official Video)

Stop what you’re doing and check out this new video called “Flowing Solo” by Tsunami Tommy. Tsunami Tommy is a dynamic artist from New York City, New York making his debut on Artist Sounds with his new video “Flowing Solo”.  This new video "Flowing Solo" has a smooth and vibrant presence. The beat is meodict but has the perfect amount of kick that evens out the mix between bars and in and out auto tuned vocals.  Listening to the words of this song the message I get is that you can't live up to peoples expectations because when you do exceed the expectations you're still expected to do more. So instead of trying to please everyone and stressing myself out I should just fly solo.  The message you get when you listen and watch might be different. Click the link about to leave your thoughts about "flowing Solo" by Tsunami Tommy and subscribe to his YouTube Channel to hear more.