Turbo Bby - Love Me (Featuring Don P x Emmvr)

turbo bby.JPG

Stop what you're doing and check out this new song from Turbo Bby called "Love Me" featuring Don P and Emmvr on Artist Sounds. Turbo Bby returns with a more serious record that has the potential to make some noise in our indie Hip Hop charts. Turbo Bby made his debut in our charts back in 2017 and hasn't made much noise since until today. Teaming up with recording artists Don P and Emmvr turned out to be a good look and each artist did the track justice by bringing their perspective and original voice to the project. It would be amazing if these three artists decided to run with this momentum and maybe do an entire mixtape featuring just the three of them. Turbo Bby is all about making music for fun so if he thinks making a mixtape would be fun you can bet its already in the works. Catch more records from this artist by connecting with him on his official SoundCloud page.

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