Valyn Corradel - Sedatives/Rant

Valyn Corradel

Listen and stream Sedatives/Rant by Valyn Corradel on Artist Sounds. Rapper Valyn Corradel is looking to make a name for himself with his new single "Sedatives/Rant" that he shared on Soundcloud. He recently shared his EP "Unexcused Homework" consisting of 6 tracks including "Sedatives/Rant" which you can also stream by connecting with him on his Soundcloud. It's his dreams to make music people will rock with so he has been experimenting with different tracks to see which one his fans will rock with the most. Learn more about Sedatives/Rant by Valyn Corradel on Juss Russ Radio. 

Artist Soundsrap, hiphop