Voda Fuji - midsummer melancholy


Take a listen to “Midsummer Melancholy” by Voda Fuji now on Artist Sounds. More vibes to enjoy just dropped from one of my personal favorite Ambient artists, Voda Fuji. The up and coming artist and producer released a wavy new soundscape to SoundCloud recently that really captures a great energy for the summer. This record carries a very chill and laid back vibe as Voda Fuji, croons gracefully throughout, singing along about his aspirations to enjoy the summer time vibes with a romantic interest of his. I really like the way he structured and wrote this song as well, writing in a way that was almost meant to sing along too. He uses “Midsummer Melancholy as an opportunity to not only express himself, but also showcase how dynamic and versatile of an artist he can be. He is one of the consistent artists/producers that we deal with here at Artist Sounds, so I can say from experience that if he continues to mold his sound and elevates his content on the visual side that Voda Fuji will be a household name before the end of 2019. Follow the rising star on SoundCloud now to hear more music! Stream “Midsummer Melancholy” by Voda Fuji now on Artist Sounds.