Walshey - Say Sum


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song ‘Say Sum’ by Walshey on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Walshey; he is a multi-talented Hip Hop recording artist making noise out of the Connecticut area. Upon first listen you can immediately tell that Walshey is a polished recording artist destined to turn heads. His music has a quality to it that is comparable to something you would hear on the radio making this artist who virtually came out of nowhere that much more intriguing. There isn’t much of a backstory on Walshey yet and as of right now his presence is a mystery. With this being his first single we can only imagine that it isn’t the first song he’s ever recorded. More than likely he has been perfecting his craft over the years, maybe even went by another artist name, but one thing is for sure — we are glad we ran across this artist. Enjoy the bounce and enjoy the vibe - don’t sleep on Walshey. You can stream this song and more right now by Walshey on Spotify, Apple Music and other major streaming platforms.

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