Wilson - Sumn 2 Say


Stop what you're doing and check out this new hip hop record from Jonathan Wilson titled 'Sumn 2 Say', on Artist Sounds. Jonathan Wilson is a rapper born in Brunswick, GA making his debut on to Artist Sounds with a polished remix to a popular record from G-Eazy. According to the artist: I was born & raised in a small town in the Southeast called Brunswick, GA. I'm 19 years old & I started rapping when I was 10. I grew up listening to just about any Southern Hip-Hop you can think of, & the influence it has on my style is undeniable. Some of my bigger influences include UGK, Z-Ro, T.I., Chamillionaire, 8 Ball, OutKast, Ludacris, Webbie, & Dirty. I was mainly just a battle rapper for my first few years, but I started making the transition to an artist when I got to 9th grade. Since then, I've released several singles, a few mixtapes, & I've done a few shows. Right now, I'm doing everything from music videos to mixing vocals by myself, but I'm mainly doing remixes until I can get my hands on some better exclusive production. If you love old school Southern Hip-Hop from back when the "South had something to say". Stream more from Jonathan Wilson right now on SoundCloud.

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