Wizdom Mriminthere - Santa Pack


Stop what you're doing and check out this new record from rapper Wizdom Mriminthere called 'Santa Pack', on Artist Sounds. Santa Pack is a Christmas rap song by Wizdom Mriminthere bringing Christmas to the streets of New Jersey and making a statement addressing bad gift giving. Letting everyone know exactly what he wants for Christmas. This track is fueled by Wizdom's lit Holiday lyrics depicting a scene where Santa and his fellow Christmas allstars came to party and get tore up. On top of a dope beat produced by DeCicco Beats where he flipped a song from the Home Alone series. In the true spirit of Christmas this song is completely for Promotional use only. This was our first time being exposed to any music from Wizdom and we must say this is probably one of the freshest and most polished rap related Holiday tracks in recent history. This song deserves a million hits and not just for the holidays. Get more familiar with this artist by connecting with him on his SoundCloud page.

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