YNW Melly Father shared a message in a remix to "Murder On My Mind"

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You may have heard by now that rapper ‘YNW Melly’ is facing the death penalty by the state of Florida for allegedly having something to do with the murder of his two best friends. YNW Melly’s father just released a message to his son in the form of a song called “Melly On My Mind”. On February 13, 2019, YNW Melly was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the October 2018 shooting deaths in Fort Lauderdale of two men described as his close friends, aspiring rappers "YNW Sakchaser" and "YNW Juvy". Authorities purport that YNW Melly conspired with fellow YNW rapper Cortlen Henry, also known as YNW Bortlen, to stage the double murder of Williams and Thomas Jr. and make it appear as if they were fatally injured in a drive by shooting. Henry allegedly drove the victims to the hospital where they later succumbed to their wounds.

YNW Melly rose to popularity back in late 2017 when he released his first project while he was still incarcerated. It was an EP called “Collect Call”, which included features from numerous well-known artists such as John Wicks and Lil B. In 2018 he shared quite a few singles which included “Virtual (Blue Balenciagas)”, “Melly The Menace”, “Slang That Iron”, “4 Real”, “Butter Pecan”, and “Medium Fries”. The songs with music videos have all surpassed over a million views each. In August 2018 he released his debut album called “I Am You” which appeared on the Billboard 200 chart at number 192 on January 10, 2019.

On January 17, 2019, while still incarcerated, YNW Melly released We All Shine, his second commercial mixtape, consisting of 16 tracks. The project featured collaborations with Kanye West and Fredo Bang. A music video for "Mixed Personalities" featuring Kanye West was released with the album. As of March 2019, Demons has amassed over 200,000,000 streams on Spotify with over 14,000,000 monthly listeners. His most streamed song is "Murder on My Mind", which was originally released as a single before being added to I Am You.