Yovan - Groom, I'm Not

Listen to “Groom, I’m Not” by Yovan now on Artist Sounds. Up and coming Pop sensation more widely known as Yovan decided it was time to release a new vibe for his listeners to love and appreciate! His new record popped up on Spotify about a week ago. This song is one of Yovan’s more upbeat and satirical records, as he uses this upbeat Pop production to tell the ladies in his fanbase exactly why he isn’t ready to tie the knot and be a groom at this point in time in his career. Yovan uses his unique vocal tone along with his ability to craft sweet and infectious melodies to make this track one of those records you have to keep on repeat just to really get your full fix on it. At this point in the game, Yovan has remained consistent and built a reputation for releasing music on a frequent basis which has ultimately allowed him to build an organic fan base in a lot less time than it takes majority of other new artists. His style and charisma have also been known to translate great into his live performance, which is very important considering a lot of artists these days don’t put as much emphasis and focus on their live shows in comparison to their studio performance. Yovan is the complete package…a great singer, an awesome writer, and a phenomenal entertainer. All aspects of the game you must thrive in order to reach even a moderate level of success in this industry. Follow Yovan on Spotify now to hear more music from the up and coming Pop star. Stream “Groom, I’m Not” by Yovan on Artist Sounds.

Braxton Harshawpop