YungRich - UTT (Used To This)

Stop what you're doing and check out the song "UTT" by YungRich on Artist Sounds. YungRich is a singer/songwriter making a name for himself out of Orange, TX. The artist YungRich has a fresh and original sound that will help him win over fans across multiple genres such as R&B and Alternative Rap. He uses his abilities as a vocalist to deliver a compelling story-line that takes the listener through a vivid connection between two people (where one isn't used to the special treatment). YungRich looks to put that special someone under his spell by offering her an opportunity to get used to this and making it part of the norm for her. You'll have to stay tuned to some upcoming releases from the artist to see where this lands him. You can follow him today on SoundCloud to be the first to get notified about new uploads and releases.

Tiana Malonernb/soul