Yzzi - KeepSafe


Check out KeepSafe by Yzzi on Artist Sounds! Yzzi is an artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is taking over the hip-hop/RnB scene with his innovative fusion of rock n' roll and jazz influences. As a multi-instrumentalist, Yzzi is inspired by musicians such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Anderson Paak, and his music offers a refreshing blend of old school instrumental flair and new age hip-hop and 808s. His latest track, KeepSafe, is a fleeting glimpse into the mind of a hard-working musician yearning for emotional fulfilment in the deceptive world of fame and fortune. This fun, light-hearted tune expresses complex emotions, telling a compelling story in a way that only Yzzi can. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Yzzi's work.