Z Bangz - Back to the Land [Review] 2017



  1. Bodak Yellow (Freestyle)
  2. Money and Power
  3. Hot Nigga (Freestyle)
  4. Picadelly
  5. Oh My God

Review - Z Bangz dropped the 'Back to the Land' mixtape to our surprise today. See which songs we think you should hear first. 

From start to finish it is safe to say that Z Bangz delivered an engaging project in the 'Back to the Land' mixtape and to think this is just the first of many. As soon as you press play the tone is set by the familiar sounds of the now infamous 'Bodak Yellow' single which Z Bangz flips and makes his own. 30 seconds in to the song you realize (this guy has mad potential) and saying 'this guy raps his ass off' is an understatement. In a world where music is growing slower and the music creators of the world would rather feed you melodies instead of bars, Z Bangz provides a breath of fresh air. His fast rapping ability makes you forget about the words to the original songs in 'Bodak Yellow and Hot Nigga', which any fan of real music will know is a big deal and easier said then done. Let's just say 'if we we're to write the lyrics down on notebook paper - it would be three pages long'. This guy fits so many relevant bars in a single verse its almost ridiculous. Unlike other fast rappers - they're not saying much, but on the contrary with Z Bangz, every bar is an honest statement and a testament to what his life is like. 

Some of our favorite tracks from the project includes 'Money and Power', 'Oh My God' and 'Picadelly'. A lot of freestyle rappers get a bad wrap because many think 'oh okay he can spit', but can he make songs though'. Z Bangz proves everyone wrong and shows that at the young age of 17, he can definitely make songs. The song 'Money and Power' was created as an ode to his cousin who lost his life not too long ago. Z has been struggling with the facts but continues to be empowered in his music thanks to the legacy his cousin left behind and the belief he always showed in Z's music. After teaming up with BTRU Entertainment - Z has been busy doing photo shoots, spending weeks in multi-million dollar studios and networking with Dj's in his city. It's only a matter of time before you catch Z Bangz on your local airwaves in Cleveland, Ohio. After that - its safe to say you'll be hearing him on worldwide radio sooner than you think. You can download this mixtape for free by visiting the artist page on Spinrilla.