Zen Mafia - By The Sea

Stop what you’re doing and stream a new song called “By The Sea” from EDM production crew ‘Zen Mafia’ on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar; Zen Mafia is a Dj/Production Duo from Los Angeles, California and Boulder, Colorado. The group consists of composer/producer/Dj Ben Kaufman and Composer/Producer/Dj Elijah Moore. The music is an eclectic and original sound influenced by a broad spectrum and variety of musical tastes from around the world. It blends hip hop, electronic dance music, trap and down-tempo beats with a spiritual and ethnic approach. Bands that have had great influence on the groups sound consist of, The Gorillaz, RZA, Dj Shadow, and Major Lazer. The song ‘By The Sea’, is no different and does a great job of showing off their influences and innovative hand to blend the styles making it something unique. ‘By The Sea’, is a smooth production that reminds you of a scene from the early 80’s but with elements and sounds from the 90’s and 2000’s. It’s as if this crew can create effortlessly and this masterpiece will be the cornerstone and ultimately the turning point as they tend to reach the masses and let the people decide their fate. Don’t sleep on this song or on Zen Mafia - you can stream this song and more right now by connecting with the duo on SoundCloud.