Zobs The Alt Child - Owners

Take a listen to the song "Owners" by Zobs The Alt Child on Artist Sounds. Zobs The Alt Child presents a high energy single that boasts a fresh and original Hip Hop appeal. The lyrics mentions personal tales such as family neglecting her when her father died but assures that she has moved passed that now. Each lyrics is delivered with strong passion and energy. The chorus adds to this energy and also adds a feel good feeling to the song. The high tempo beat complements this and makes the song a dance-able track. With Owners, you get a feel of the artist's zeal, energy, passion and life occurrences. It's is a feel good and energy driven track with a catchy chorus you will definitely sing along and dance to. Zobs the Alt Child is an artist who creates her own rules. She lets you into her world for you to vibe and be yourself. Her music exhumes confidence, passion and strength. She has a different take on the world and she wants you to know it. Her motto, "live to create; the alt way" shows her innovative nature and her desire for creativity.

Tiana Malonehiphop