Zuruckspulen - This Present Prison

Stream “This Present Prison” by Zuruckspulen on Artist Sounds. Many people are beginning to refer to the vibes produced by Zurukspulen (an Electronic/EDM production duo) as Old School EDM or Nu-80s music. However, the two musical maestros of Glen Kirchner and Karl Unsichtbar would much rather refer to their genre of music as the New Wave of the Pop-Synth years. If you’e a fan of this particular musical genre and time period then you really need to thank Zuruckspulen because these guys have been keeping the sound alive and innovating the way their listeners experience their music for years now. The group recently dropped a new album on Spotify entitled “This Present Prison” which features 10 solid new soundscapes to hold over their fans for a while. This compilation of music was arranged very strategically as the whole album plays through like an audio recorded cinematic film when streamed from start to finish so if you’re into full bodies of work versus the singles format, check these guys out. Follow Zuruckspulen on Spotify and be sure to add a few of their jams to your daily playlist! Stream “This Present Prison” by Zuruckspulen now on Artist Sounds.

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