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What does the dictionary define culture as? According to E.B. Tylor culture is "that complex whole which includes knowledge, art, belief, morals, law and any other habits acquired by man as being a member of a society." In so many cases there are members of society that tend to get closed out or forgotten so to speak due to the circumstances their born in to. BTRU Entertainment is a unique entity that presents itself as a place of values, art, knowledge, belief and an understanding of the laws that make it fundamentally more difficult for members of our society to flourish in their passions. BTRU Entertainment showcases itself as a medium for change; a source that promotes innovation for those with an eagerness to learn can take advantage of opportunities for growth. 

In this day in age it is becoming increasingly vital for brands and businesses alike to seek innovative ways to engage with their audiences. It doesn't matter if your an entertainer, actor or musician; with the growth of technology viewers are less attentive and tend to come and go in waves. It takes building a unique brand, giving it an identity that makes it consistent for fans to know what their getting when they engage with your content. Currently BTRU Entertainment is working in joint collaboration with recording artist BRXTN, Chase Heinze, Frost Vegas, Dwayne Levi, King Miz, producers Phinesse The Beat, Frost Vegas and film director Roman Lane Visuals. Combined they make for a force to be reckoned with and one that states that it plans to keep itself relevant by feeding the fans as both solo artists and collaborators on strategic projects. Their first joint collaborative project is available for free download and has received quite the praise from top media sources. It's called "What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky," and it boasts a mixture of hip hop/r&b/ and the trapsoul culture. Connect with BTRU Entertainment on Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram. Take a listen to the project right here on Artist Sounds.

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