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Add A Song To Our Music Blog

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When you order this service we will add your song, video, mixtape, album or ep to our music blog within just 48 hours. When your added to our music blog you are automatically qualified for ranking in our top charts and playlists which can lead to some serious buzz for your new song. You can increase your chances of running up our charts by selecting the option Add Song + Repost


  • Song Added to Blog
  • Delivery Time 48 Hours
  • Final Link Sent to Email


  1. Choose your Option
  2. Option 1 we add your song
  3. Option 2 we add your song + repost it
  4. Select 'Get Started'
  5. Enter the song link
  6. Enter info about the artist and song
  7. Submit payment
  8. Wait 48 hours
  9. Song added to blog
  10. Link sent to your email
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