Basic SoundCloud Feature

Basic SoundCloud Feature


This basic SoundCloud feature package is designed for artists and musicians looking for something more than just some random plays, likes and comments from God knows where. When you order this service your SoundCloud song will be featured on an independent music blog (serving a real audience) who will get the conversation started about your record. This feature will then be shared with our community on Twitter via a professional Twitter shout-out. As an added bonus we will also share your SoundCloud song with 1000 of our indie music fans subscribed to a genre similar to yours for better results.

Package Includes:

- your song will be featured on Juss Russ Radio
- we will blast your song via email to 1000 music fans
- you will get a shout out from our Twitter page
- we guarantee USA plays and engagement
- you will receive a report upon completion via email
- delivery time takes 2 to 3 days

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This package is popular and is currently Sold Out… This happens during times of High Volume and in order to maintain a High Quality Service we have to limit how many orders we receive each week! Don’t worry tomorrow we could have open spots so check back soon! Also in the meantime we may have other packages available for SoundCloud so check out those as well.
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